The Void

The living room floor renovation is in full, erm, swing. The husband’s taken a couple of days off work to take up the floorboards and level them so that a chap can come and lay the slate hearth this week. 

I’ve mentioned before that the room is one of those places where each time you move something, another issue is discovered, but we are hoping we have uncovered all of its surprises now! It seems that we’ve come a long way since Bee Gate, in fact the room is unrecognisable, but that is a good thing. We said a fond ‘so long’ to the red carpet this morning and the banging from downstairs is definitely confusing the toddler. The husband’s way of informing me what he’d found under the floorboards was to use words like “the void” and “the chasm”, which made me laugh until I saw it and had visions of Brookside from back in the day! Luckily, it’s just dust and bricks down there. *shudder* 

Here’s some pics so that we can chronicle the stages. This blog has already served its initial purpose, as we are enjoying looking back at the little steps. 
These first few are from the end of June:

The husband’s first ever attempt at plastering has been a real success, I’m so proud of him. He spent many an hour studying videos on YouTube and reading up about it and, as you can hopefully see, the wall around the fireplace is smooth and prepped. 

A couple more of recent developments – the plastering, starting the strip the varnish off the original window frame and bringing up a couple of boards:

Finally, a big thank you to our two friends who popped in for a buffet lunch yesterday and were dragged into getting dirty by lifting the radiator off! Sorry about that, guys! These last few pics are where he’s up to this morning:

Has anyone taken on a similar project? Wish us luck! 

N x 


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