Floor to walls 

The husband has made swift and impressive progress in the living room; the floor is now insulated and back down, extra boards in place to replace some damaged ones and the walls have been painted with an undercoat. As well as this, he’s filled a few nicks and put the first coat on the ceiling/picture rail. 

I’ve said before that this blog is really a means for us to chronicle the changes to the house, so here are the steps that have happened in the last week or so…

First, the next steps on the floor, including the plastic wedges he’s used to lift the boards onto the joists and firm them in place, as well as the insulation he’s used underneath. The window frame is also off in one of them. 

The floor’s looking much better now it doesn’t have such a rise in the middle of the room… 

A couple of wall pics, not too much to see yet but we’ve tried two tester pots and have more on order:

It’s already looking more like our home in there. Getting rid of the wallpaper and painting the picture rail has made such a difference. Can’t wait for the paint to go on the walls now! 

N x 


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    1. I know! Feels good to see the progress though 🙂

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