Wahoo it’s a very exciting end to our week today (bonkers and busy this week, but they’re always the best) as our chimney is finished, the slate hearth is in and we’ve got a wood burning stove! Success. 

Paul, our chimney chap, worked all day yesterday with his assistant to sweep, line and cap the chimney. He said it took 11 metres of lining so took him a while! We’ve had awful rain and 40mph winds here, just off the river Severn, so I think that might have hampered them a bit. Nevertheless, the stove is in and we LOVE it! It seems crazy to think back a few months to Bee Gate and see the transformation from the oppressive gas fire to what we’ve got now. 

Here it is:

We are still undecided about which type of surround to go for, but are eyeing up a few options. I’m so glad that we went for quite a plain, taller woodburner (as opposed to the squarer, squat ones) because it matches the height of the room and doesn’t look too “cottage-y”.

Next, the husband is sanding the floor this weekend with the help of my brother in law. Skirting board has arrived, wall paint has been delivered and swatches of fabric for sofas and blinds have been ordered… THE BEST BIT! It all seems to be coming together and we are starting to think of bathroom plans…! 

A few more pics for the chronicles:

So, from the biggest slate hearth he’s ever fitted to it all being in place, we are thrilled.

N x 


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  1. sarahaelsley says:

    I’m so jealous! We’ve just renovated our house, but didn’t have the money to fit one of these. But when we were doing the fireplace, we put fireboard in, so if we do want a log burner in the near future, it won’t be as messy a job!

    It’s the dream to have one, maybe in my next home…


    1. Ah, thank you! I’m hoping it will be cosy in the winter. You could always have one next time! X

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