Sanders sanding

Over the weekend we hired a sander and the husband and brother in law set to on the living room floor. Bless them, after five hours they got the original 160 year floor boards to look amazing. Lots of hard work, tea and squash later, and we have a floor! 

It will have a rug on it, once we’ve chosen our soft furnishings, but already it’s looking more like ‘our’ room. I can, already, feel touches of our old house in there (which we adored but simply outgrew) and can imagine us sitting in there with a glass of something tasty and an epic film. 

Here are some pics (hopefully you can make out the finished one!):

I believe that next up is painting, skirting board and mantel piece decision making. We are undecided at the moment and after inspiration. Does anyone have any suggestions? We’ve also requested more fabric samples for the blind, as the ones that came weren’t right. 

Very exciting though! Getting there. 

N x 


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  1. I love seeing things like this come together!!

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    1. Thanks! We are getting there now! Just the soft furnishings that need to hurry up and arrive.

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      1. Slowly but surely, key is patience

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