Emma Bee Designs T Shirts

This summer our little lady has been chosen as a brand rep for the wonderful Emma Bee Designs (@emmabeedesigns – Instagram; Emma Bee Designs – Facebook). This means that we’ve been sent two beautifully soft, hand-sewn t shirts that she gets to wear, plus a discount code for future purchases, in exchange for a few photos. 

I chose a brilliant white and deep cerise pink, and then you can choose the fabric design. Each t shirt has a capital letter on the front (ours is, obviously, an R!) created in the fabric of your choice. Because our little lady is all about the animals and making their noises at the moment, I chose the dogs and cats design. Every time she wears them, especially the white one with dogs on, she just points at it and makes the noise! 

It’s safe to say we’ve been really impressed with them. They’re excellent value for money and they wash brilliantly. Message Emma for orders. 


I’m loving finding small, independent brands at the moment, especially ones that cater for little people. They grow out of their clothes so quickly, it’s lovely to support small businesses and find quirky designs. Would you recommend any?

N x 


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