Blue walls! 

I spent a lovely Tuesday evening out for dinner and the cinema with my girlfriends, and popped into the living room the next day to see how the husband had got on in my absence. His plan, when I left, was to do all of the cutting in. He expected that to take a while because of getting a neat line of dark blue under a white picture rail, but he managed to get an entire first coat on! Superstar that he is and all… 

The picture is blurry because I was holding a toddler! 

We’ve decided upon a mantel piece that will just sit across the top of the fireplace, with corbels coming down, in white. Just need to find one online now. We decided against using the old mantel piece because of the size of it, plus the wood was a few mm too close to the wood burner for safety. Now we’ve opened the fireplace, we’ve decided we’d like to see it fully and felt that having a big mantel piece would distract from that.

The husband spent last night re-plastering the sides of the fireplace to get super straight lines. In a couple of days it should be dry so that he can paint it and put the second coat on the room:

I’m so pleased with the blue. It was definitely worth trying out a few tester pots. It’s just as a imagined it, so exciting!

This morning we were up early at B&Q to get some varnish for the window frame and a couple of other bits. 

We have also chosen the sofa, but need to check measurements before we order it. It’ll take six weeks to be made and delivered, so we might not get in the room for a while! We’ve also chosen two different styles of armchair; one which we will order and one which we’ve brought home today. We’ve gone bold! It feels exciting to be confident with colour in this room. In our other houses we’ve always played it safe, but this house feels quirkier and I’m so thrilled to be going with that feel. 

Today, once he’s collected the armchair, the husband is going to cut and paint the skirting board. We’ve gone for the classic ‘Torus’ design that we’ve used before. It suits the 19th century features of the house; I imagine we will use it all the way through the house eventually. 

That’s it for now; progress update complete! 

N x 


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